We were in itinerant ministry in Mississauga, when God started to call us to move east.   We did not know exactly what God was asking and where He was sending, so we began seeking God through fasting and prayer for the answer.  Kiwanda had a vision of a map of the nation of Canada.  On that map was a ball of fire around the Ottawa region.  She saw flames  shooting out from the ball of fire across the nation.  She knew that the fire was going beyond Canada to ignite the world!  Both of us said, "We don't want to miss what God is about to do!"  This defining moment brought us back to my hometown, Ottawa, in 2002.


Following our return to Ottawa, I became involved in prayer ministry for the City and was in leadership when "Watchmen for the Nations" came with their initiative La Dance.  While gathered to intercede on Parliament Hill,  God spoke very clearly to Kiwanda that we were to  travel across Canada, with our 4 children to connect with La Dance's final stop in Vancouver.   Specifically God told us to take the train and make an altar for Canada as we prayed along the way.  We had no money, yet as we went in obedience, every need was met along the way!    When we arrived back in Ottawa God said, "You don't have to get off the train".  I knew then that  there would be another journey coming for us to  travel across Canada.  At the beginning of this year 2017 God said, "Now is the time".

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Following our prayer journey across Canada, I took a senior leader position at The Oasis.  The church had known to revival in the past, out of Asuza street, yet spiritually, it was a desert.  God told us to re-dig the ancient wells of revival by simply hosting His presence.  God began to move in signs, wonders and miracles.  We started extending beyond the church, to build relationship with pastors, ministry leaders and businessmen in the region.    Holy Spirit told me to start Holy Spirit led tent meetings in the Ottawa Valley, in the summer.  During the first year of meetings in 2009, the tent was packed with people from all over the Valley and Ottawa.   Many churches came together in unity.   Through these Holy Spirit meetings, Awake the Nation was birthed!


Canada has always been in our heart.  We know the dream to go across the nation on the train once again is a NOW reality.  There are many who have carried a similar dream in their heart, confirming the call of this nationwide initiative, at such a time as this!

The train was first constructed to connect the provinces together in Canada.  At 150 the train is still connecting the nation, this time to join the voices of many TOGETHER to declare God's plans for Canada.  Plans that will ignite a generation and shift our nation.

Your servant, Mark Redner

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This 150th year in Canada is a crucial time as our nation reflects on our history, and identity.   In 1967,  at Canada’s 100th year anniversary, the theme chosen for  EXPO 67 was “Man and His World”.  Since that time humanism and agendas contrary to God’s word have been ushered into our nation. TODAY at 150th  we believe our declarations must be about “Christ and His Kingdom”, to bring Canada on track with God's plans and purposes!! 

Following the CRY in Kingston, Ontario on July 1, 2017, Canada ON TRACK team will be travelling across Canada by train from the east to west coast, stopping at major cities in each province for Holy spirit led gatherings with powerful times of worship strategic prayer and declarations over the city, province and nation. 

In each province we will be partnering with host churches, the region and province in prayer according to what Holy Spirit has been speaking to pastors, intercessors, and ministry leaders.   

Our passion is to see our nation turn back towards God, as we usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit TOGETHER.

We have the opportunity at this pivotal moment in our history to impact our nation for generations to come!

Join us as we reclaim Canada for Kingdom purposes once again!

o   Prov 12:3  “the root of righteousness shall not be removed”

o   Ps 72:8 “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea..."

o   Ps 133:1 “How good & pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity!”              

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Pastor Mark Redner

Pastor Mark has coordinated and partnered in many Citywide Prayer and Holy Spirit Outpouring initiatives. He is the father of four, a pastor, revivalist, a friend to many, uniting the church for the sake of Christ, a forerunner and a fire starter who has a passion for the presence of God and unity...Together believing it's Canada's time for Awakening, Revival and Harvest.

Pastor Kiwanda Redner

Pastor Kiwanda Redner carries a big vision for Canada and it's Capital in her heart. She is a writer and teacher. Her passion is to see the body of Christ take their position and live in their God-designed identity. She believes now is the time for us to run TOGETHER to see His kingdom advance in our nation.

Pastor Barry Maracle
Peace Apostolic Ministies

Barry Maracle is a 4th generation Spirit Filled believer in Jesus Christ. Barry has the unique privilege to speak with relevance on different platforms and into various walks of life. Barry has a passion for the next generation and believes strongly in
Spiritual Sonship. Barry pursues with great diligence the New Testament Life and the manifested Power of the Resurrected Christ.

Pastors Justin & Martine Kelsey
Martine Kelsey Music

Martine Kelsey is an award winning worship & recording artist who's music can be heard on Christian radio across Canada. Together with her husband, Justin Kelsey (speaker & promoter), they have incredible passion for ministry and their region. They believe that worship will help to pave the way into the heart of today's generation.

Michael Gertsman
Lion of Judah Ministries

Michael Gertsman is founder and director of Lion of Judah Ministries. In 2007, he moved to Israel, and now travels internationally as a conference speaker. He spends summers in Canada doing apostolic style ministry in churches from coast-to-coast but with much emphasis on the Ottawa Valley region. He has a strong prophetic gifting and understands God’s heartbeat for the Ottawa Valley.

Pastor Alain Caron
Église Le Chemin

Alain Caron serves as the apostolic team leader of Église Le Chemin, a dynamic expression of Christ's body located in Québec. He is also the founder and director of Hodos, an apostolic and prophetic network that connects and aligns like-minded ministries and believers toward the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Pastors Dale & Rosemary
Dwelling Place

Dale is the pastor of Dwelling Place Church in Niagara Falls where together with his wife Rosemary they have been called by God to “restore the tabernacle of David.” Their primary focus in ministry today is the "Presence of God". They are committed to the rebuilding of the "Tabernacle of David" for the purpose of seeing the remnant seekers brought into the Kingdom.

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THE CRY,  www.thecrymovement.com-JULY 1, 2017, in Kingston, ON

NIAGARA NOW, www.niagaranow.org

Niagara NowLift TV Ministries Canada,  liftcanada.ca

Fire & Fusion, www.fireandfusioncanada

Eglise Source d'Vie, www.egiseourcedevie.ca

The Oasis, cometotheoasis.ca

Awake The Nation, www.awakethenation.ca

Faithworks, www.faithisland.org

Le Chemin, www.lechemin.ca

Emmanuel Church, www.emmanuelmtl.com

Faith Tabernacle Church, www.faithhalifax.org

Glad Tidings Church, www.gtmoncton.com

Dwelling Place Church, www.dwellingplacenf.com 

PAOC www.paoc.org

Calvary Temple, Winnipeg www.ctwinnipeg.com/

Victory Christian Assembly, NFLD

Lily of theValley

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